5 Tips to rank the website

 Tips to rank the website

5 Tips to rank the website 

Everyone wants to see good traffic on its website. This traffic plays a major role in improving the position and makes it come to the top positions of Google. According to the recent studies the websites that cone at the first page of the Google receives approximately 95% of the web traffic. As a newbie, you should be properly aware of the SEO so you become able to see a good performance at your site. There are some general tips to rank the website and make it come at the top of the search engine results pages. 

Good SEO Audit 

To drive the attention of the viewer's website structure and architecture plays a major role. The layout of the website should be attractive enough so that large traffic comes towards it.
Good SEO improves the performance of the site and generate hundreds of signals to determine the search rankings. All the basic things of SEO should be done properly so that the ranking of the site increases. 

Use high-quality content 

High-quality content is one of the top tips to rank the website and increases traffic at a very high rate. Good content that should not be duplicated provides the high authority and relevance to your website.
The keywords satisfy the content and make the top ranking position because of the search engine. You should use almost 4 to 5 times the target keywords to drip the local rankings. You can make the keyword highlighted through the use of bold or italic but don’t overdo it.
Use the short paragraphs of engaging content so that the public find it interesting to read. Always use the relevant content and update it regularly. Updated content shows high relevancy to your site. 

Create the relevant links 

Create the relevant links to your website as the links should include the name of the website. Michigan Tech Enterprise program contains the keywords and improves the ranking through the use of the links

Check the speed of your site 

The speed of the site is one of the top tips to rank the website as slow speed reflects the low quality. The speed can be improved through the small changing like the use of the normal writing style and keywords in the URL increase the search engine optimization. 

Checking of the general problems 

Use the tools like MS Toolbox and Domain Health Report to check the issues in your site. These issues can be Blacklist, mail server, DNS and web server. Check the issues and correct the errors in them. However, the one-year-old Domain gets higher traffic as compared to the six months old Domain. 

One of the top ten tips to rank the website is to drive organic traffic through the use of social media. Use social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Redditt, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube to attract high organic traffic to your website. 

Use the mobile-friendly website 

The use of mobile devices is increasing day by day and it has seen that most of the search happens through mobile. The website should be mobile friendly so maximum traffic can be attracted to it. 

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