10 Tips to improve Google Ranking

10 Tips to improve Google Ranking

10 Tips to improve Google Ranking 

Sometimes your content gets older and you keep the addition of new things to your site still you don’t get any special response. In order to get high popularity and a large number of audience, you should take new steps to increase your SEO. Search engine optimization is the main key that improves the Google ranking and makes your page to come at the top positions. 
Here’s a short guide of the 10 tips to improve the Google ranking. These are the key features that give your content high value and increases your searches. These are such fastest ways that help to get high ranking in a very short time. Let’s have a view on this. 

Use the Seo friendly content 

Content is the main thing to attract the customers and it helps to improve the Google ranking in a very short time. Seo friendly content consists of high-quality English, short phrases, bullet points and attractive easy to read content. 
The SEO friendly content uses the keywords that mainly able the content to come on the top positions. The keywords target the content this in this way you get a lot of audiences. 
Use the valuable links to additional external and internal content to ensure its high positions. One of the main tips out of 10 tips to improve the Google ranking is the use of the simple, relevant and useful to easy content. 
Keep your content mistake free and be ensure that there’s no plagiarism in the content. Use the header tags like H1, H2 as it makes the content easy to read. These are the key points that increase the value of your content. 

Use the Attractive images 

Relevant images are a great way to increase the speed of your site. With the images add short descriptions and give it a good alignment. 

Update the speed of your site 

Check the ranking of your site by searching from different devices like laptop, desktop, and mobile. If you find that you’re getting low ranking then speed is one of the main 10 tips to improve the Google ranking. Use the speed update to get a high ranking and top positions in the Google pages. 


Backlinks increase the number of searches and increase traffic in a very short time. The backlinks give the high authority to Google domains and give your site high popularity by providing the proper authority. 

Increase the website user experience 

If you keep easy to read content and target the keywords you get high ranking easily. Basically, these things are related to the visits, time on site, bounce rate and pages per session. 
If you get a large number of visitors, then automatically the ranking of your site will be increased. 

Check out the Query Report 

Through the use of the Query report, you become able to see the average position of your phrases. The query report shows your ranking, number of searches in the Google and number of times for visiting of pages. 

Use of Semantic Keywords 

Semantic keywords play the main role in linking your content at the target. Semantic keywords are of high demand as they increase the relevancy to the border topics. These are basically relevant keywords to the main keyword. 

Fix the broken links 

Sometimes it happens that when you open a page it shows the 404 error. The main reason behind it is the broken link. Check the broken links with the help of software like Broken Link Checker or Dead Link Checker. If there’s any broken link replace it with the high-quality link. These links increase traffic. 

Local Searches 

Increase the relevant local searches to get a high ranking in the Google position. Use the Google listing, online Google directories, and Google posts to get large traffic. 

Use of Question mark and command sign 

For better ranking use the question marks and the command signs. These things should be used with relevant content to attract the audience. 

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