Why increase Islamophobia

Why increase Islamophobia

Why increase Islamophobia 

Islamophobia is basically defined as the hate or the dislike against the Islamic religion. The anti-Islamic societies or other communities have always tried to vanish Islam. They did it just because the religion couldn’t be remained alive in the world. 
The Muslims who used to live in foreign countries always found it difficult to live in the non-Muslim British communities. The British societies did much cruel to the Muslims and they did murders, attacks as well. Even many attacks had occurred on the mosques so that the precious knowledge of Islam couldn’t be spread around the world. 
Studies have shown that after the attack of the London bridge the Islamophobic attacks much rose in the world. Even in the famous universities of London, there remains continuous hate against Islam. It was used to say that kill Islam before it kills you. 
Many terrorist attacks in the big cities of the world have given the name of Muslim attacks. Anyhow there was no clue for it but it was all done just to spread negative reviews about Muslims. 
In Europe, the rise of Islamophobia occurred continuously from the centuries now. Like there’s an example of the ban over the veil of the Muslim women in Europe. This law was made compulsory in Belgium and France just because they thought that Islam should be ruined. 
In many non-Muslim countries of the world, a common practice was done. In this practice, the government abandoned the famous minarets and the mosques just in the name of Islam. These all acts spread a large amount of threat across the world. 

Pressures of Christian Communities 

The Christian communities always spread a threat against Islam and they pass conservative views on the Muslims. They tried to spread false views for Muslims in the society like they said that the Muslims are much restrict minded. They always did negative eyes on the women who used to wear a burqa.  
Even in the schools, the Muslim children were used to see with a bad eye. They remain against the rights of the women that Islam had given to them. They brought small reasons to fight with the Muslims in the offices. They neglected the teachings of Islam and passed the conservative view for motherhood and reproductive rights. 
There’s always remain a debate for a Muslim woman to exist in the society of the British community openly. 
Why increase Islamophobia

Famous Incidents of Islamophobia 

The hate crimes on Muslims have always remained in a large number. The recently in NewZealand  The Christchurch mosque attack is the example of Islamophobia. British threw the bombs, guns, and knives on the mosques of the Muslims. In 2015 and 2016 the places of Muslim communities have been skyrocketed. This kind of acts was done so that the Muslims become frightened and couldn’t be able to teach Islam openly. The attacks on the holy places like mosques were done just they couldn’t perform their prayers and quit doing prayers. 
In 2017 the famous attacks of 9/11 were a continuous bombarding on the Muslims. Hundreds of Muslims were killed during this attack. On the 5th April 2015, the group of Australia known as Neo-nazis did much cruel against the Muslims. They used to start the barbarity of Islam and started insulting the Muslims. They did acts to stop praying five times a day so that Islam could be killed. 
In 2006 a female student who used to wear the headscarf was attacked in front of the Hart House. This was done in Toronto just to tease the Muslim woman. 
Many Islamophobic incidents occurred in different cities of the world. Like, the women’s hijab was pulled off, they were left bleeding and they were attacked by teenagers many times. The Muslims were frightened in many ways like the non-Muslims put a suspicious bomb packet in front of the mosques. 
In Denmark, funny cartoons were made in the name of the Holy Prophet. This was the increase in racial discrimination. In March 2008, the Turkish Muslims were attacked by the teenagers. They beat them with hammers and basket bats leading them to death. 
In Paris, the immigrant Muslim was drowned and threw in the river by the Islamic haters. Likewise, there are hundreds of Islamophobic incidents and the only reason for their spread was to threaten the Muslims. 
It has commonly observed that Muslim women always remain a victim of these racial attacks as compare to men. This was because they used to wear the headscarf and hijab. The religious garments were the main concerned for the victims of Islamophobia. 

Attacks on the Muslims of the UK 

An estimation has shown that there are almost 839 attacks have done on the Muslims of the UK. During the last, there has been seen a 31% rise in the attacks of the Uk. 
A suicide bombing happened at the Manchester Arena. This was the threat for the Muslims as it killed about 23 people. During the attack, hatred and abusive behavior were reported against Islam. 
According to the reports of the Akeela Ahmad, the Muslim women became more a victim of the Islamophobia. She said that 26% rise has occurred for the Islamophobic hate crimes. 
The minority areas of the Muslims in the UK always remained the target of Islamophobia. In London, a large number of physical attacks, abusive behavior and other racial practice were observed. In 2017, there have been seen a 56% enhancement in the anti-Muslim vandalism as compare to the past years. 
Even the people used Twitter accounts for threatening Muslim communities. However, Twitter banned accounts that did such attacks. Even the UK armed forces went to the Muslim residential places and they shoot all Muslims in that community. 
The barbarity and the cruelty against the Muslims remained on top. Twitter made about 30 safety policies and many operational settings. Anybody who try to pass harassment conversations on twitter generally has to face the rules and many times his account gets blocked. 
The Associate Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University said that the best way to handle the Islamophobia is through education. He declared that the hate crimes or the prejudice against Islam can easily be deleted from society through the awareness of education. 

Is that true that the terrorist is the Muslims? 

Islamic teachings are very pure and kind teachings. Islam spreads the peace and the love for every relation even to the strangers. There’s no teaching of killing the people and doing barbarity. It saves the women by giving them authority in society. 
The false knowledge by the world has spread that Islam gives rise to a terrorist. This is not true at all. Islam has no concerned with the terrorists and terrorism cannot be justified by the teachings of Islam. 
The people who have attempted self-suicide attacks in the name of Islam were actually those who were given false knowledge. The terrorist taught them to do so that Islam can give a false name in the world. The highest terrorist attacks occurred in the world by the jihadist group. These jihadist groups are the extremists and we cannot say that these are Muslims. They have no awareness of Islam as Islam gives the symbol of peace only. 
The research has shown that the only few attacks have done by the religiously motivated people. Anyhow a large number of attacks have done by the ethnic-nationalist and the separatist believers who were given the false name of Muslims. 
The media coverage also always proved a wrong view that the majority of the terrorist attacks have perpetuated by the Muslims. 

Major reasons for the increase of Islamophobia 

The Islamophobia acts have increased day by day. For Muslims especially whose living in the Foreign countries always remain in an unsafe environment. Europe, the US, and the UK come in the top list of the insecure places for the Muslims. 
The Muslims who live in a minor number face extremist behavior by their society members. Small acts like thrown of the bottles and thrown the balls have commonly observed as racial discrimination in the society. 
The cartoons were made in the name of the Prophet Muhammad just to tease the Muslims. As a result, the continuous fights happened between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in Paris and Denmark. This kind of acts was done just to spread hate or abuse against the ideology of Islam. 
The true Islam gives the fully secure rights to the men and the women. Islam gives the knowledge of care for the women and they remain in a covered environment. The Non-Muslims used to abuse or spread harassment for women who wear hijab. This thing becomes one of the major reasons for the fight in society. 
The main purpose of who to increase Islamophobia is to kill Islam. The non-Muslim wants to completely vanish Islam from society and no one does prayer five times a day. 
They want Muslims to quit their teaching and stop preaching the people in the right ways. They want Muslims to leave their religion because of the threat and danger of lives. 
The terrorist has given the name of Muslims, as a result, the whole world starts to hate the Muslims. Barbarity and unjust acts have done on the Muslims so that their women cannot remain safe and they start behaving like the European women. The main purpose of the attacks on the hijabi women is to turn them from the teachings of Islam and move them towards the nudity. 
The main purpose behind the holy places of the religion and the mosques is to kill a vast majority of the Muslims. The killing of Muslim refugees in European countries is to threaten the Muslim countries. 
Basically, most of the European countries have given the name of Muslim as a terrorist. They have spread the fact that they are ones who are responsible for attacks. But they are not the ones. All the attacks are because of extremist and we cannot say that they are Muslim extremists at all. 
The increase in the Islamophobia gives rise to the issues for traveling in other countries. Most of the foreign countries have banned the immigrant visa of Muslims in their countries. 
Due to the consistent growth of the Islamophobia, most of the people are traveling the countries in an illegal way. The people who try to do so just because of their professional or personal issues have to face severe issues. In many cases, dangerous acts occur against these refugees and they get murdered most of the times. 
Why increase Islamophobia

How to stop Islamophobia 

Islamophobia is not a good thing at all as it is creating a threatening environment in society. Muslims remain unsafe in foreign environments. It becomes uncomfortable for them to live peacefully in society. 
Anyhow the hate against Islam develops the mind of the non-Muslim people especially the foreigners for false actions. These all things become the reason for the spread of horror or drastic environment in the society. 
The world should focus on positive knowledge and stop discrimination in the name of religion. The decrease in the Islamophobia will open the ways of peace, equality, and love in the world. 
The less brutality means the world will move towards the newer happier ways where the Muslims will find comfort to move in the societies of minorities. Education is the best way to stop Islamophobia around the world. 
Social media can play a great role in eliminating Islamophobia from the environment. The media knowledge and skills can be used to spread love and lessen the number of negative stereotypes about Islam. Also, the political leaders and the government of every country should do positive steps for moving society towards the right things. 
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